Vadodara:Salesman booked for cheating luxury car showroom


VADODARA : Salesman of a showroom in Kalali was booked for customers by offering warranty and service packages, which the company owning the showroom, never offered.

Accused Nilesh Shah, a resident of Akota, used to offer the packages at Rs 75,000 for two years to the owners of luxury car brand Audi. Shah used to siphon off the money and offer printed receipts with the company’s stamp.

said that the incident came to light when the call centre of the company – Nixynova Motoren Private Limited – approached two customers with their warranty and service packages. The customers were offered warranty package of Rs 3 lakh and another package of Rs 75,000 for two years in case of a major fault. But the customers informed that they have already bought a warranty package of Rs 75,000 for five years from Shah and they even have a receipt with company’s stamp and authorized person’s signature on it.

Later, when the company checked its record it was revealed that the two customers had never bought any warranty packages. Shah was then confronted by the company’s official. He admitted that he had been selling warranty and services packages to the customers.

Cops said that Shah used to take the money from customers and issue receipts with company’s stamp on it and used to sign himself as an authorized person. “Whenever the customer used to bring the car for servicing, Shah used to get it serviced and return it,” a police official said. However, no customer ever approached the showroom with any complaints, but since Shah took money from customers by keeping it in dark, the general manager of the company approached the police.

“As of now there is information of only two customers, but there could be more. Once Shah is arrested, details of more such cases can be known,” the police official said.

Police sources said that Shah was working at the showroom since 2014.

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