Thane chokes as air quality worsens with receding rain


THANE: While the levels saw a steep decline during , the dry spell has resulted in a rise in the Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM) levels and worsened the air quality in the city.

The RSPM, which dictates its pollutant content and hovered around 60g/m3 to about 90g/m3 during the monsoon spell, has shot up over the permissible 100g/m3 limit throughout this month.

Over the past few days, the RSPM level has increased to around 120g/m3, thus making the already dry weather more unbearable.

“It has hardly rained over the past few weeks and it seems like the monsoon is almost ending. Even though we stay near the forest area, we have been experiencing hot winds through the day,” said Anjali Kanira, a resident from the Upvan.

Kalwa resident Umesh Kavi added, “The weather has become very humid and it is starting to get uncomfortable. To add to it, there has been a lot of dust in the air in our area. We keep the windows shut and air conditioner on throughout the day.”

Weathermen asserted that the city may not receive much rainfall now onwards.

“Except for a few days between September 13 – 15 and September 20 – 21, the coastal region of , including Mumbai and Thane, is not likely to receive much rainfall as there seems to be no rain-bearing trough forming here. Even the rain on these days will be scattered and light to moderate,” said Mahesh Palawat, chief meteorologist at skymetweather, a private Indian company that provides weather forecast and solutions.

Weathermen predicted that as these rains will also be sparse, the pollution levels, which have already crossed the permissible levels, are bound to increase further.

“The RSPM and pollutants are released through various sources including vehicles, construction, etc. regularly. During the rains, these air pollutants are washed down by the rain. With the monsoon nearing its end, the pollution levels are likely to continue rising,” he added.

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