‘Pretty’ Facebook friends dupe 20 youths


ALLAHABAD: Crime branch officials in Allahabad are finding it difficult to trace IDs of unidentified FB users who, while posing themselves as women from abroad forged friendship with them followed by matrimonial offers.

Unidentified users, posing themselves as women from abroad, first forged friendship with several city youths, in many cases talks went up to matrimonial alliance. Then, these foreign friends asked the youths to deposit a certain amount to the given bank accounts on the pretext of clearing custom duty payment for receiving expensive gifts sent by them.

These friends vanished once the money was deposited. Officials of crime branch are finding it difficult to trace the IDs of these unidentified Facebook ‘friends.’ The list of victims includes doctor, , who were duped from Rs 2 to Rs 14 lakh by the fraudsters.
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