Five-day week proposal for AMU scrapped


AGRA: The proposal to introduce five working days at () has been scrapped even though almost 50 percent of the faculty members of the institution opted in its favour.

Interestingly, sources claim that the proposal was rejected by the VC on the grounds that it could dilute the “minority” character of the institution, as its implementation would have resulted in scrapping of the half day holiday of Jummah (Friday’s) Namaz. Sources claim that the VC unilaterally took this decision without placing the proposal before the academic council.

However, a spokesperson of the university denied that the rejection of this proposal was anyway connected with the of the university.

The proposal to have a for all academic and non academic staff at the university was earlier mooted by the Vice Chancellor, Prof Tariq Mansoor, but somehow he had not taken it forward. At the beginning of this year, two members of the Academic Council again put this proposal before the VC with signature of 542 faculty members.

As per the proposal, it was suggested that the university does away with the practice of half-day offs for Friday namaz, replacing it with a hour-and-a half break, and introduce weekends off to all staff. The proposal had also suggested that instead of separate timing for academic (8am-4pm) and non-academic staff (9am-5pm), the entire university should be functional at the same time.

Spokesperson of the university Shafey Kidwai said the VC has turned down the proposal as it was not “feasible”. He said that doctors’ OPDs would suffer if such a pattern is implemented.

Prof Tariq Islam in Philosophy department said, “Five-day working is the process of modernisation and university should come out from the old routine culture of six-day working”. Islam said that this will not only reduce the leaves of an individual, but also increase the productivity in terms of quality work.

He said that there is a provision of five-day working in almost all central universities including Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Hamdard, and Maulana Azad National Urdu University, where muslim teachers and students are in majority then why it can not be implemented in AMU.

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