Articles written by: Josh Clayton

Signal Watch: Chaikin Oscillator Under Zero for Cel-Sci Corp (CVM)

The EU will unveil proposals for a digital tax on US tech giants on Wednesday, reported France 24. The special tax is the latest measure by the 28-nation European Union to levy fees on Silicon Valley giants and could further inflame a trade row pitting the EU against US President Donald Trump.  As the proposed digital tax would be applied on […]

Chaikin Oscillator Below Zero for Industrial Logistics Properties Trust (ILPT)

Tracking shares of Industrial Logistics Properties Trust (ILPT), we have seen that the Chaikin Oscillator reading is currently below zero. Traders following the stock may be on the lookout for possible bearish momentum. Investors often have to decide how aggressive they are going to be in the stock market. Having the mindset of getting rich quick may result in the […]

Coeur Mining, Inc. (NYSE:CDE)’s Suggested Target Weight Stands at 0.01790 For Portfolios

When investors are recalibrating their portfolios they should take a look at current volatility levels and the target weight calculation of a given stock.  Coeur Mining, Inc. (NYSE:CDE) has a current target weight (% as a decimal) of 0.01790.  This means that any balanced portfolio should not be holding more than this percentage of stock within their holdings group.  This number is […]

Dialing in the Numbers for EnerSys (NYSE:ENS): Change of -0.47 Since the Bell

One of the biggest mistakes that can plague the individual investor is not setting up an overall investment plan. Investors may want to start out be setting up an outline of overall goals. Having goals can eventually make the day to day investing decisions at little bit easier over time. Once a plan is in place, investors can then spend […]

Do you Own More than 0.04550 of Meredith Corporation (NYSE:MDP)?

A recent look at ownership and volatility brings us to a 0.04550 target portfolio weight (as a decimal) for Meredith Corporation (NYSE:MDP) Target weight is the volatility adjusted recommended stock position size for a position in your portfolio.  The maximum target weight is 7% for any given stock.  The indicator is based off of the 100 day volatility reading and calculates a target […]