Articles written by: Josh Clayton

Fizzle or Sizzle? What’s Behind the Numbers For MYR Group Inc. (NasdaqGS:MYRG)

After a recent scan, we can see that MYR Group Inc. (NasdaqGS:MYRG) has a Shareholder Yield of -0.006257 and a Shareholder Yield (Mebane Faber) of -0.02387. The first value is calculated by adding the dividend yield to the percentage of repurchased shares. The second value adds in the net debt repaid yield to the calculation. Shareholder yield has the ability […]

Trading Wire: Consensus Projections on Shares of Wayfair Inc. (NYSE:W)

As earnings season comes into focus, active investors may be wondering which companies will beat estimates and which ones will miss when the earnings numbers are posted. Looking at shares of Wayfair Inc. (NYSE:W), we note that the current quarter consensus EPS estimate is -1.12. This estimate is comprised of 13 sell-side analysts polled by Zacks Research. For the previous […]

Tesco PLC (LSE:TSCO) Analysis & Yield Review

The Shareholder Yield of Tesco PLC (LSE:TSCO) is -0.173838.  The Shareholder Yield is a way that investors can see how much money shareholders are receiving from a company through a combination of dividends, share repurchases and debt reduction.  This percentage is calculated by adding the dividend yield plus the percentage of shares repurchased.  Dividends are a common way that companies […]

Chaikin Indicator Watch for SPDR S&P Metals and Mining ETF (:XME): 20 Day Level is 0.055611715

When it comes to investing in stocks, the question of risk will eventually need to be addressed. Of course, there are no guarantees when investing in the stock market. With this in mind, investors can proceed with a plan that helps minimize risk while still providing the opportunity to experience large profit potential. Each investor may have a different financial […]

Signal Tracker: Following the Technicals on Shares of Iwg Plc (IWG.L)

The Percentage Price Oscillator Histogram trend indicator is presently higher than zero on shares of Iwg Plc (IWG.L). Active traders may be carefully watching the indicator to see if the position is pointing to the stock as a buy. When doing stock research, there is plenty of easily measureable data regarding publically traded companies. There is also plenty of information […]

Chaikin Levels Tip For iShares Russell Mid-Cap ETF ($:IWR) as the 20 day Ticks to 0.28162315

As most investors realize, markets will trade in cycles. This being the case, most investors will likely experience extremes of both bull and bear markets during their investing tenure. A big factor in scooping up profits during bull or bear markets is having the ability to identify when markets are beginning to peak or bottom out. This is obviously no […]

Chaikin Levels Steady For Hecla Mining Company ($NYSE:HL$):: 20 day Hits -0.028008336

Once the individual investor has done all the fundamental homework and found a few stocks that they think are poised to be future winners, they may want to figure out when to best get into the market. Many investors will turn towards technical analysis to accomplish this. Technical analysis can help identify entry and exit points by studying price trends […]