2 cops fail to recognise DGP’s car, suspended


NOIDA: A sub-inspector and a were on Wednesday for “indiscipline” after they allegedly failed to recognise the UP police chief, who was in plainclothes, and asked others in his escort vehicle about his identity.

Director-general of police OP Singh, who was in here for a meeting with the Intelligence Bureau, was returning to Lucknow in his official vehicle along with an escort team following the car. He asked his driver to stop the vehicle when he saw sub-inspector Hari Bhan Singh and constable Yogesh Kumar standing at check-post without wearing caps.

“Not only did they not have caps, they also did not salute the , who was in plainclothes. The top cop asked his driver to stop the car and called the two policeman at the check post. They failed to recognise him, and even asked about his identity. This angered the police chief,” said a source.

The two policemen did not have any information about the senior officer passing the stretch and were caught unawares. Singh and Kumar were posted at Sector 39 police station. The SHO was asked to file a report to the SSP about the alleged indiscipline. Noida SSP Ajay Pal Sharma said failing to recognise the DGP and not saluting him indeed amounted to indiscipline. “As disciplinary action, they have been suspended with immediate effect,” Sharma said.

The DGP said the objective of the suspensions was to ensure discipline in the ranks. “Those in a uniform job anywhere in the country must adhere to its regimen. The question is not whether they identified me or not. I am just one of the 3.5 lakh police force personnel working in UP and they are all my family. But the point to be driven into personnel of all ranks in police is respect for seniors. They must take pride in their service. A vehicle of a senior personnel is easily identifiable with one, two or three stars but the men missed that,” Singh said.

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